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To align with the Mission and Vision of the Institution, the leadership team, has set forth the following seven objectives:

  1. Develop and maintain curriculum that is aligned with current and future industry technologies and career opportunities

it - the foundation of every business sector


our objectives

It makes all the difference on the job. It inspires you to create jobs.

Energy - the power to succeed is in your hands

Our instructors all have solid backgrounds in both the education and business sectors. You get the benefit of knowledge and practical experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job.

GENNX Technologies IT & Energy Institute (GENNX Technologies) is an institution that combines the traditional college experience, workforce development and entrepreneurship, to produce a better qualified individual while ensuring a purposeful student experience. 

IT &Energy Institute

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Leader - engineer your own path... create jobs!

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We pinpoint how to deliver what you need.  Look forward to an engaging student experience! Our blended instructional format is a win-win for everyone.